Blending together aspects of land, sea, and sky, Jonathan Clancy creates eye catching imagery that stirs imagination.

A third-generation photographer, Jonathan began his career shooting and writing for a slew of surf & lifestyle publications. In ten years he has had the privilege to work with some of the finest Rhode Island architects, designers, and restaurants. He has also been blessed with the opportunity to work with Grammy Award winning artists, legendary boat builders, international marketing tycoons, and some of the most interestingly ordinary humans this small world has to offer up. 

In 2016 he earned a New England Regional Press Association award for his journalistic endeavors.  

Inspired by the birth of his daughter, Evelyn, that same year he returned to his roots in photographic abstraction. The resulting “Cloudbreak” series blurs the line between dreams and reality, depicting coastal scenes reflected by the clouds in the sky. His latest work is a study between motion and emotion and will be shown throughout New England and New York in 2018.               (401) 965 9003